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The headlines are a Belgian cover band which was formed in 1997 by some members of the news department of VTM,
Flanders’ first commercial broadcasting company.

Oddly enough, their first gig was at a divorce party – now there’s an original start!
Later, when VTM put together a television show to celebrate the 10th anniversary of commercial TV in Flanders,
the Headlines took to the stage and made quite an impression!

From then on, The Headlines on Tour became a well-known concept: from local pubs to major festivals, the
Headlines did it all!

Today, after more than 15 years and over 400 concerts, the Headlines are more alive than ever.

Recently, the band went through some changes when they hired a new lead singer (Kim Desmet) and a new vocalist
and rhythm guitarist (Gert Peeters). Their playlist was also updated with some new crispy pop songs
by contemporary artists like Amy McDonald and Adele, as well as a couple of timeless classics by icons such as
Queen or Guns ‘n Roses. You name it, they’ll play it!

The band is further completed by Chris Poelmans on the drums and Jean-Marie Werion on the bass, both of which have
been playing with the Headlines from the early beginning. Together they form the solid foundation on which
the band is built.

Together with Gunther De Backer on keyboards and ‘Lord of the Power Chords’ Koen Verdeyen on lead guitar, the
Headlines represent the best that Belgium has to offer in the field of pop and rock cover bands.

No band is complete without a solid backbone. This is where Patrick and Colette step in. With a lifetime experience
in sound and light engineering, they bring the band to a higher level.

So don’t miss out on their next gig!