Headlines is a Belgian cover band that was created in 1997 in the news room of a commercial television channel, to which the band also owes its name. Over the years the line-up has changed, but the original rhythm section still forms the backbone of the band to this day.

25 years later the band is more ‘alive and kicking’ than ever before, and plays a wide range of music, appealing to all ages and venues. Time and time again the audience is infected by the band’s enthusiasm.

If you’re in for a memorable and energising evening to get people up and dancing, then don’t hesitate to contact us.

Hope to see you soon, and remember … 

We will rock you!





The band

In order of  soundcheck

Chris ‘Little Drummer Boy’

Jean ‘All About That Bass’

Koen ‘Guitar Hero’

Gert ‘Here Comes The Sun’ Guitar & vocals

Gunther ‘Piano Man’

Kim ‘Walking On Sunshine’ Lead Vocals

Lina ‘Back in Black’ Backing Vocals


Headlines live @ JOE


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